Nokia has introduced the next generation of geo-location services: Here

Today, at a special event in San Francisco, Nokia announced the expansion of the existing mapping platform, which will now be called “Here” («Here”) and merge all of geolocation services together.

Nokia has introduced the next generation of geo-location services: Here

While most of the features and services will remain unchanged (as in “Maps Nokia»), the company promises a significant improvement in the overall service and the emergence of entirely new functions like analog Street View on Google (in part, this function will through the acquisition of EarthMine).

The platform will be available on the new site for a new “beautiful” at Interestingly, the site can be synchronized with a user account Nokia, allowing access to your personal data on any device. 

Nokia has introduced the next generation of geo-location services: Here

Service also includes a new tool – “Map Creator” («the creation of maps”), which allows you to take ready satellite imagery, as well as vector maps and add new data – for example, to indicate the direction of traffic on a particular street. Using user data Nokia will improve official version cards. Also acquire a much improved service mode three-dimensional maps with volume models of buildings (which is not surprising – this chip has recently become quite popular.)

Nokia has introduced the next generation of geo-location services: Here

Running a new platform based on a new principle of «capture, compute, experience», combining local and cloud computing and storage systems. The new principle of operation, according to Nokia, will accelerate the rendering of maps on the local device will reduce the amount of transmitted data back and forth, as well as significantly improve the performance of offline maps. 

Nokia has introduced the next generation of geo-location services: Here

Curiously, the new platform will be presented not only in the Windows Phone (it is, in general, quite logically), but also on devices running operating systems Android, iOS and even Mozilla Firefox OS (Here also will be available through mobile browsers) .

Australian police advised not to use cards Apple

We already wrote about the problems faced by users of new cards for Apple iOS, but you yourself, perhaps in the know, if own a handheld device from Apple, stuffed with new, brilliant and versatile “brand” navigation software, which does not always work so as intended.

Australian police advised not to use cards Apple

For poor quality cards Apple shortly after their launch even had to apologize CEO of the company, Tim Cook. However, the “Apple” while adheres to the chosen strategy replacing Google services with their own and trying to improve the mapping application. It turns out, however, is not very. A good example was the news that the Australian police official warned drivers traveling on the territory of Australia – it is better not to use cards Apple, because they can kill you.


Police in Mildura is not the first time faced with motorists and tourists astray, slaves of their iPhones.After a bit of “police investigation” it became clear that Apple maps Mildura city is right in the middle of the National Park Murray Sunset, seventy kilometers from its actual location.

Australian police advised not to use cards Apple

Official warning issued by the police also states: “The police are very concerned about the circumstances, since the park is no drinking water, and the temperature can reach 46 degrees Celsius, which makes such an unexpected journey potentially life-threatening. Some drivers found by the police, were left without food and water to the whole day – they had to overcome the distance large enough (and unsafe) distance to pick up the signal of the cellular operator. “

Australian police advised not to use cards Apple

About Apple Maps have been told many unflattering epithets, but that law enforcement authorities officially called the card “potentially life threatening” – such advertising would not wish anyone.Especially given the traditional Apple describe their products beautiful words like “it just works.”

Australian police mentioned six rescued “stray” for the last two months. The best illustration for the proposition that mobile map services these days – is a very serious thing to be found. Users are accustomed to rely on electronic maps, one can pay for this great price

Google Maps back in iOS

Recently, for the Apple e-cards have become a real “sensitive issue.” After parting with Google maps as a built-in mobile OS iOS mapping service in June 2012, Apple offered to its customers branded a “replacement” – their own maps, which, as it turned out, a beautiful shiny wrapper were a little “usability” service . 

Google Maps back in iOS

People around the world have repeatedly complained about the quality of navigation in mobile iOS devices and normal alternatives (except how to use the browser-based version of Google Maps) simply was not. Finally, Google took pity on the owners of iPhones and iPads, and nearly six months, yesterday unveiled the new Google Maps for the iPhone. Corresponding application has already appeared Apple App Store.

Google Maps back in iOS

Example cards of Apple

In his blog, Google writes (and maybe even sarcastically hints at weak competitiveness Apple cartographic issues) that a new application for iOS «initially created to combine unmatched breadth and precision Google Maps with user friendly interface allows you to quickly find what you are looking for and what you need. The heart of this application became continually improve our map of the world, including at the moment detailed information on more than 80 million companies and “points of interest”.

“The world around us is constantly changing, and thanks to your feedback we make tens of thousands of map updates per day, to always keep Google Maps up to date. And if you find our maps in some inaccuracy, just shake your smartphone, after which he will send us a message about the mistakes. “

Google Maps back in iOS

Minsk city on maps Apple (top) and on maps Google (bottom) – image with

The new cards are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch (fourth generation) running iOS 5.1 operating system and above, more than 40 countries in 29 languages ​​of the world, including Russian.

Google Street View is gaining volunteers

Surely you have heard that the popular Street View service expands its base locations not only by car – Google be mapped and the places where there are simply no roads. 

Why is only one South Pole , or, say, the data center itself Google, which can be visited directly in Street View.

Google Street View is gaining volunteers

Google does not want to stop there and began hiring freelance volunteers heading to journey on foot to places where man has never set foot Photographer Street View. The company is looking for organizations willing to help and can provide them with all the necessary equipment to carry out the shooting (camera backpack Street View + Trekker).

Trekker – a compact, wearable version of the system used in cars Street View. The main component of such a system is a special camera with fifteen lenses, located on the stand (just like in the picture) and towering over head traveler. The camera is capable of doing 15 shots at a time, each of them has a resolution of 46 megapixels.

Google Street View is gaining volunteers

Coral reefs of the island Chiron (Australia, Queensland), right in the Google Street View

Until recently, only Google itself, and selected partners of third parties could participate and try backpack Trekker, but now, any interested organization can fill out a form and get the opportunity to help expand the boundaries of Street View. 

Of course, all the necessary equipment can not get any passerby in the street – to the list in turn can only be placed on non-profit organizations, tourism businesses, government agencies, universities and research groups.

Hopefully, very soon in Street View you can visit many more unique and previously inaccessible places users.

Sony IM10 – wireless Miracast-adapter

Sony IM10 - wireless Miracast-adapter

Sony has unveiled a new device Sony IM10 Miracast Wireless Display, which, as the name implies, allows the owner to broadcast multimedia content from mobile to HD-TV via wireless technology Miracast.

Sony IM10 has dimensions 75h75h16, 5 mm and weighs 125 grams gadget supports NFC technology to quickly connect your smartphone or tablet is connected to your TV via a port HDMI, and its power is supplied via microUSB. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet reported on the timing of exit IM10 Miracast Wireless Display for sale, as, indeed, and its price. For more information about this gadget is available on the site producer.

DVDO Air3 – first wireless MHL / HDMI-adapter, running at a frequency of 60 GHz

DVDO Air3 - first wireless MHL / HDMI-adapter, running at a frequency of 60 GHz

If you are tired to connect to a TV with a variety of devices via HDMI-cable, then the company is not in vain tried DVDO releasing wireless adapter Air3, supports HDMI and MHL.

This is the first device on the market, using 60-gigaretsevuyu bandwidth, and allows you to play HD-1080p video at 60 frames per second, and the bandwidth is sufficient for dynamic video games.

Air3 content translates to a distance of 10 meters, while not interfering with Wi-Fi and other radio signals. Buy this wireless adapter can HD-$ 200.

Seiki 4K – «budget» 65-inch 4K-TV

Seiki 4K - «budget» 65-inch 4K-TV

If you’re already thinking about purchasing 4K-TV, but you scared off high prices for them, then maybe the novelty of the company Seiki you’ll be pleased.

This manufacturer has introduced a line of TVs 4K Ultra HD TV, the eldest of the models which has a diagonal of 65 inches, and it costs $ 3000. Screen resolution of this TV is 3840h2160 pixels, update frequency signal transmission at 1080p on HDMI 1.4 standard cable is 120 Hz and with a resolution of 4K – 30 Hz. TV has a complete set of inputs and outputs, as well as provide playback 4K-content with USB-drives.

Two other models are less diagonal – 50 and 39 inches, respectively, the price – $ 700 and 1200.

Android-Top Box Samsung HomeSync

Android-Top Box Samsung HomeSync


Samsung Corporation in February announced its top box HomeSync, and now it became known that its sales in the U.S. will begin from October 6.

Samsung HomeSync connects to the TV via HDMI and allows you to take advantage of OS Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on the big screen. The device also allows Samsung smartphone owners to broadcast multimedia content on the TV screen, and in addition allows you to create a home network storage thanks to built-in hard disk 1TB.

HomeSync has 2 GB of RAM, 8 GB flash memory provides simultaneous connection of up to 6 devices, and its price is $ 300.

Asus Miracast Dongle display screen of the mobile device to the TV

Asus Miracast Dongle display screen of the mobile device to the TV

Asus has released a device that will allow owners of smartphones and tablets to display content on the TV screen. The device was named Asus Miracast Dongle and is a kind of wireless HDMI-cable – it is connected to the corresponding port on the TV and allows you to show videos, games and presentations running on a mobile gadget.

Asus Miracast Dongle is a direct competitor to Google Chromecast, which is not limited to a small set of applications, however, and is more expensive. The device looks like a USB flash drive with USB-HDMI-connector and microUSB port for power. The gadget supports wireless technology Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, and the maximum output resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. Its dimensions make up 11,2 x3, 3×1, 1 cm, and weight – ’34

 Cost Asus Miracast Dongle in Europe will be 79 Euro, but in America the device will be priced at a little more than $ 100. The manufacturer declares full support for devices such as the Asus MeMO Pad, Transformer Pad and FonePad, as well as the Google Nexus July 2013, and as to other devices supporting Miracast, their support does not guarantee Asus officially.

Snakebyte Vyper – tablet-top box

Snakebyte Vyper - tablet-top box

Snakebyte Vyper from the company Sunflex – this 7-inch tablet, which is positioned not only as a mobile device, but also as a media player and video game console to work with the TV.

A distinctive feature of this device is supplied accessories. In this case two sets available: Media bundle, which costs $ 200 and includes a docking station that connects to a TV, and wireless remote control, as well as Gaming bundle, which in addition to Media bundle has a wireless gaming controller and costs $ 250.

If you are connecting to a docking station user has the ability to disable the tablet screen, and the remote control is used as the “air” mouse and keyboard. With regard to the game controller, it will work without problems with the games that support such devices, and is able to control reordering on the physical touch of a button.

Specifications tablet-pristaki Snakebyte Vyper as follows: 7-inch display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of flash memory, quad-core Rockchip RK3188 ARM Cortex-A9, Mali 400 graphics card slot microSD, port HDMI. Unlike some of its competitors, Snakebyte Vyper has full support for Google Play.

Anticipated that the device will be widely available in January next year